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Introducing speed baccarat live

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2016 was all about card peeking at Evolution Gaming.

The leading live games provider introduced a baccarat squeeze table at the start of the year, and then another baccarat tables that allowed players to control the squeeze.

This is all very well for those players who enjoy the theater of squeezing and peeking at cards. But for those that do not, it can be a little annoying. After all, peeling and slowly revealing the pips on those cards does take quiet a bit of time. And let’s be honest, it also makes no difference to the game’s outcome!

Perhaps Evolution received some feedback to this effect. Because they have now introduced a table for less patient gamblers not wanting to wait too long between placing their bet, and finding out if its a Banker, Player or Tie.

In 2017 they have introduced a new live baccarat table called speed baccarat, and it has already been added by a number of operators carrying Evolution’s games; 888 Casino, Betvictor and William Hill.

The deal is fast – no squeezing of course, and only a few seconds to place your bets before the new deal starts.

If you just like to get on with the game, you’ll like Live Speed Baccarat.

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