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Lightning Baccarat for multiplied payouts

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lightning baccarat

This very attractive table is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Baccarat table. It’s a new addition to Evolution’s enormous live baccarat table range, first taking bets earlier this year.

It’s a live baccarat table with a difference.

It’s still dealt from an 8 deck shoe. The same Player/Banker win condition applies (ie closest to total 9), as do the same third card rules. So the deal proceeds pretty much like a normal live baccarat game.

Payouts are very different though.

lightning baccarat

Lightning cards for multiplied payouts

After you have placed your bets (Banker, Player, Tie) 1 to 5 Lightning cards are randomly selected. In the above game round it was 2…the 6 and King of Clubs. In the below game round 4 lightning cards were selected.

Each of these lightning card is assigned a random multiplier – either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x.

The deal then begins, and if any of the Lightning cards make it onto the table, the assigned multiplier will multiply the base payout for that position.

So, in the game round below, the 2 Diamonds is a 4x multiplier. Therefore, the payout for a Player win is increased from even money, to 4:1. As there is no Lightning card dealt to the Banker position, normal payouts applies to a win there.

lightning baccarat

Multipliers multiply

This is the best bit. If more than one Lightning card is dealt to Baker or Player, the payouts multiply.

So, it’s possible that if all three cards dealt to either position are 8x multipliers, then the payout that will apply is 8x8x8 = 512:1 !

Of course this is very unlikely, but is can happen.


Two important things to note about Tie bets playing this game. First, the base (un-multiplied) payout is 5:1, not 8:1 like we are used to on regular live baccarat tables.

Secondly, when there is a Tie, every Lightning card card on the table multiplies to decide the payout. A winning Tie bet with 6 Lightning cards on the table, all with an 8x multiplier applied, makes for a whopping , payout!

Again, very unlikely, but life changing if it does happen.

Where to play Lightning Baccarat

Most casinos carrying Evolution’s tables now offer Lightning Baccarat. We recommend 888 Casino as a good option.

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