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New Live Super Sicbo

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Live Dealer Super Sicbo

There’s a new live dealer sicbo table available for play online now.

Super Sicbo, as it is called, was previewed a couple of months ago at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming expo by developers Evolution Gaming.

It has now been launched at a few of Evolution’s major licensee casinos and is ready for you to play online.

Super Sicbo isn’t just a regular live dealer sicbo table. In addition to the regular Sic Bo bets and payouts, this game also has random multipliers that super-size the payouts of randomly selected bet options.

How the random multipliers work

After you have selected your bets by placing your chips on the table, and after bets have closed, a random number of bet options will have random multipliers applied to them. The multiplier could be 10 time, it could be 888 times, it could be somewhere in between.

If you have a bet chip on one of these bets, and the bet wins, you get the multiplier payout rather than the regular payout.

Pretty cool really.

It’s pretty much normal sicbo with the added opportunity for super payouts.

The regular payouts

The cool part about the game, is that despite the multipliers being introduced, the regular payouts that apply are pretty similar to the other sicbo tables you will find online.

They’re also clearly displayed on the game’s bet console, as pictured below.


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