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New Sicbo Deluxe table from Playtech

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Just in time for the Chinese New Year, Playtech have launched a new live Sicbo table, called Sicbo Deluxe.

Can you tell that the table is styled for the Chinese playing market? Lots of red, gold and a giant lotus flower that houses the Sicbo dice. Couldn’t be more Asian market focused really.

You may find the styling is a little over the top. You may like it. But the important thing to note about this new table is that the rules, or rather payouts, are slightly different to regular Sicbo tables.

Following the lead of Evolution Gamings recently opened Super Sicbo table, Deluxe Sicbo sees random multipliers applied to various bet options after bets closed.

Random Multipliers, Super-sized Payouts

The first takeaway, is that the payouts (before multipliers are applied) are not that different from regular Sicbo payouts. One exception to this, is that all even money bets (Big or Small) are lost in the case where a triple is rolled.

The second takeaway, after bets close a random number of bet positions will have random multipliers applied.

The maximum multiplier that can be applied will increase that bet’s payout to 1000:1.

So, you simply place your bets as per normal. Hope that one of those bets is randomly selected as a multiplier, and then wait for the dice to be rolled.

That’s it!

If you want to try Deluxe Baccarat, it is now running at Bet365, and Dafa888.

Also in time for Chinese New Year…Lightning Baccarat

Another new offering launched just in time for the Year of the Rat is Lightning Baccarat from Evolution Gaming.

And yes, it’s another case of a regular live table game that has been modified to include multipliers.

Before the deal starts, Lightning Cards are selected. Between 1 and 6 cards can be selected, and those will have random multipliers of either 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 8x applied.

A normal baccarat deal then follows. Regular payouts are altered by the presence of any preselected Lightning Cards that are dealt to the winning hand. If more than one Lightning Card is dealt to a hand, the multipliers multiply.

As an example, if you bet Player, and 2 of the cards dealt to the player position are 3x and 5x Lightning cards, then if Player wins your payout is 15:1 rather than 1:1.

In the case of a Tie bet, all Lightning Cards dealt (ie to bother Banker and Player positions) are multiplied to determine Tie payout.

This means there is the chance of a Tie bet payout equal to 8x8x8x8x8x8x5 to 1 (5:1 is the regular Tie payout in this game).

That’s a whopping 1310720 to 1! Lottery type payout.

Good win if you can get it.

Lightning Baccarat is now available at most Evolution Gaming live casinos, including 888.


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