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Live casino closures for Singapore players

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Players from Singapore may find it harder to play with their favourite live dealers in coming months.

Last week the Singapore Parliament passed its Remote Gambling Act. The law comes into effect in 2015 and from then imposes pretty tough penalties on Singaporean players caught gambling online, as well as on offshore operators accepting bets from players from Singapore.

Already a few big operators have decided that in light of the soon to be implemented new law they will no longer allow registrations from Singapore.

Singapeans trying to open an account at 888 Casino are now greeted by the message:

“your country no longer allows its residents to play our games online”

Bet365 have announced they will also be closing their doors to Singapore players. It’s likely more operators will be making similar announcements in coming months.

Operators choosing to ignore the new law may be caught out by ISP blocking measures. Under the new law authorities can order Internet Service Providers to block certain websites.

Bottom line for Singapore live dealer fans: In 2015 it is going to be hard to find a good live casino playing option. You may want to say goodbye to your favourite dealers while you still have the chance!

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