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Live Dealer Fan Tan now available

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Live Dealer Fan Tan

If you like the game of Fan Tan, then you will be happy to know that you can now play it online, with a live dealer or real human tán kún.

Live gaming provider Evolution launched the game just recently and it is already available for play at a number of casinos including 888.

For those unfamiliar with Fan Tan, it is a pretty simple game.

A random number of beads are separated from a large pile using a metal cup, as you can see the croupier below is doing.


From the beads that are separated, groups of four are divided out and arranged in lines by the side of the table until the final beads…either 1, 2, 3 or 4 remain. This is the game outcome that you are betting on.


And there are a number of ways to can bet on the outcome. The most simple being ‘Fan’ bets on either 1, 2, 3 or 4.

You can also bet on:

  • Small (1 or 2 beads remaining)
  • Big (3 or 4 beads remaining)
  • Odd (1 or 3 beads remaining)
  • Even (2 or 4 beads remaining)

If you choose the Advanced bet selector more bet options become available:

  • Nim (primary bet on a number, push on secondary number…eg ‘2 Nim 4′)
  • Kwok (bet on either of 2 numbers resulting …eg  ‘Kwok 4-1′)
  • SSh (bet on either of 3 numbers resulting … eg ‘Ssh 1-4-3′)

And by the way, the best bet for you to take from a return to player perspective is the Ssh which returns 98.75%. So be sure to choose the Advanced bets selector and play Ssh if you are wanting to maximise your returns!

Like all Evolution live games, you will find Fan Tan Live a very well presented game. The video is clear with limited lag over moderate internet connections. Over reasonable broadband there will be no lag and HD vision.

The croupier’s skill with the beads is very good. And it’s a nice fast game.


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