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M88 launches new live casino: Club Macau

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M88 have just launched a new live casino room, and they’re calling it Club Macau!

It’s powered by Opus Gaming…the same development team behind Club M88 so you will definitely notice similarities, but you’ll also find some pretty big differences.

Here are the main ones….

Baccarat Squeeze

For those of you that like to get a peek at your baccarat cards, you can now do this on all baccarat tables inside Club Macau. You don’t have to have highest Banker or Player stake, just a chip on the table and you are then offered the chance to squeeze your cards.

Baccarat squeeze online

Squeeze is offered on all cards dealt to the position you have bet on, so if you have a Banker bet, you can squeeze the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dealt Banker cards.

The only downside is that with time set aside for players to squeeze, the deal is slower than normal!

Fancy new Lobby

Navigating from table to table is pretty simple once inside Club Macau. You also get a view of current game state on other tables while your table is open so you know what’s going on around the casino at all times. Like in Club M88, CLub Macau gives you the choice of playing in 2D or 3D (ie large video) mode.

Fish Prawn and Crab

There’s a new game – Fish, Prawn & Crab. Never played? Well it’s a lot like Sicbo, with 3 dice and number of different bets offered on the roll outcome. The main difference is that the die sides aren’t numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Instead, on each side is a symbol…Fish, Pawn, Crab, Gourd, Coin, Rooster. Although each symbol does correspond with a number from 1 to 6 so in substance any difference is questionable.

Call to Check

Maybe a few M88 players were doubting the games were in real time? Anyway, they’ve come up with an interesting solution to prove that they are. At each table, a phone number is displayed. Call that number and you’ll see an incoming call sign – that’s you’re call.

Oh,, and they’ve also made improvements to Club M88 so it’s faster and better to play on mobile devices!

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