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No Commision Live Baccarat

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Play no commission baccarat

M88 have added a new live baccarat game named ‘No Commission Baccarat’.

You can play it inside their Club M88 Casino (remember they have 2 different live casinos to choose from…the other one is Club Vegas live).

It’s called no commission baccarat because the 5% commission that the house usually takes on Banker wins no longer applies. Payouts for standard bets are now:

  • Banker win (1:1)
  • Player win (1:1)
  • Tie (8:1)

Bet $100 on Banker and you will get $200 back ($100 win plus your bet) instead of the $195 that you would normally win with standard Punto Banco live baccarat.

Have M88 decided to be generous in 2013? Are they all of a sudden giving players a fighting 50/50 chance to win big while playing with their beautiful Club M88 dealers?

Not quite.

You see while they’re changed the general Banker win payout from (0.95:1) to (1:1), when Banker wins with a score of 6 the payout is only (0.5:1).

This is very similar to Super 6 Baccarat offered by Bodog88. The only difference is in Super 6  Baccarat you can also take the ‘Super 6 side bet’ which is betting on a Banker win with a score of 6, which pays 12:1.

The key thing to note here is that despite the name ‘No Commission Baccarat’, there is (as there will always be for every casino game…live online or offline) a house edge!


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