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A lot more casino floor tables coming

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Casino games live streamed from the floors of traditional bricks and mortar casinos must be gaining in popularity with players.

Leading live games provider Evolution Gaming have announced in recents weeks a raft of new ‘in-casino tables‘ are on their way, situated inside casinos across three continents.

In Asia (well, Europe or Asia depending on where you categorise Georgia) a roulette table inside the Shangri La Casino, Tbilisi, Georgia will soon be accepting bets from online players.

Meanwhile over in the United Kingdom, Genting Casino Manchester has already gone live with one of its roulette tables. This table can be played online at Genting live online casino naturally. We wait to see if other Evolution Gaming casinos will get access to this table in the future.

And the big news is that in a few months time, players from around the world will be able to play live online roulette tables on the floor of Atlantic City’s oldest casino…the Resorts Hotel Casino on the board walk of New Jersey’s famous casino city.

This will be the first time a US based casino will have it’s casino tables made available to online players outside America – highlighting the liberalization in regulations that are happening in the online gambling area in New Jersey and the US more broadly lately.

Never played an in-casino live roulette table?

The concept’s a pretty cool one. It’s the same table that customers inside the casino are playing. You see them in the video placing their bets. Of course you get to place bets also, but with virtual chips rather than real ones. But your virtual chips are real money from your online casino account.

The action is captured via multiple cameras, so you have a good view of what is going on…Evolution Gaming do this pretty well.

Here’s a video demo of one of their in-casino roulette tables (they call them Dual Play…as in play online and play inside the casino), this one is Dual Play Grand Casino Bucharest.

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