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Evolution Dragon Tiger table now live

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Evolution Gaming promised live gaming enthusiasts in February that they’d soon have a live dealer Dragon Tiger table up and running. It’s now live online.

Evolution’s new Live Dragon Tiger first made an appearance in March and it is slowly becoming available at more and more casinos, including William Hill who have also added the new No Commission baccarat table to their growing line-up of baccarat tables.

In addition to regular Dragon, Tiger & Tie bets, the new Dragon Tiger table includes a 50:1 payout Suited Tie bet.

Otherwise, the rules are as you’d find on any other Dragon Tiger table. One card to Dragon, one card to Tiger, highest card (Ace=1) wins, with a winning bet on either position paying even money, and a bet on Tie (with a Tie result) paying 11:1.

The 11:1 Tie payout is generous, with most other Live Dragon Tiger tables paying 8:1 or 10:1 for the Tie outcome.

Another nifty feature that players may like (or find annoying) on this table…when Dragon wins the background Dragon lights up, when Tiger wins the background Tiger lights up. When it’s a Tie, you guessed it…both the Dragon and Tiger illuminate.

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