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New: live dealer dragon tiger at bet365

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There’s a new live dealer Dragon Tiger table that starting accepting bets only yesterday.

The new table is in Playtech’s Asian (Makati, Manila) dealer studio. It can be played inside bet365’s live casino.

It’s already our favourite live dragon tiger table…and definitely the best option to play online. For a start, this table pays 10:1 for Tie bets, compared with all tables from other providers which pay 8:1 for the Tie.

It’s also arguably the nicest looking table, with a full screen video giving you a nice view of all the action inside Playtech’s Sapphire room, and easy to play UI.

The rules of Dragon Tiger are very simple. You bet Dragon, Tiger or Tie. A card is then dealt to the Dragon, a card to the Tiger and highest card wins (Aces are low, suits don’t matter).

Dragon and Tiger bet wins both pay even money. The Tie bet, as mentioned above pays 10:1.

This version of Dragon Tiger also offers a few side bets, for the Dragon or Tiger card being Odd, Even, High or Low. All pay even money.

Give it a go!

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