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New Super VIP live casino tables

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SalonPrive-rouletteThere are a new range of VIP tables, now open at a number of Evolution Gaming casinos (eg 888 Live Casino).

The tables are named Salon Privé Roulette & Salon Privé Blackjack and they have been created strictly for the serious high rollers out there.

Unless you have a casino account balance of more than $€£ 6,000 you won’t even be able open the table.

For players with enough money in their account to open any of these tables (at the moment there are 3 Salon Privé Blackjack tables and 2 Salon Privé Roulette tables) you’ll have the entire tables to yourself for the duration of your session. No other players can take a seat or even watch you play. It’s like your own private VIP gaming suite … only online.

Limits on these tables are very high, as you ‘d expect. Blackjack table minimums start at $€£ 1,500 per seat on table 1, up to $€£ 3,000 per seat on table 3. The roulette tables require minimum (across whole table) per spin bets of $€£ 2,000 and $€£ 3,000. Maximum bets are very high also.

As well as very high limits, the tables offer a few other features that will help the high rollers feel at home.

You can play at your own pace, with long bet times for those who like to take it slow, and immediate deal/spin at your command when you’re ready. If you don’t like the dealer, just request a new one. If you really like the dealer, you can have them stay on. You can also request a new blackjack shoe whenever you want.

You can read more about Salon Privé Roulette & Salon Privé Blackjack here


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